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25 Aug, 2009

California Surfers Steamed Up

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Surfers in California get all steamed up over what’s the best surfing spot. When several publications recently released their surfing favorites list of top 10 best surfing locations in California, none mentioned Surf City (the Huntington Beach one). Surfing magazines and surfers, however, chose Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz (the self-proclaimed original Surf City) among [...]

23 Aug, 2009

Surf Statues in California Honor Surfing Legends

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California Beaches–As you travel the coast of California, you’ll find a recurring theme throughout many regions–surfing. Local legends of surf and residents who knew them pay homage to these figures with another figure, usually a life size stature or bust of some surfing great. In San Diego, Tourmaline Surfing Park honors a colorful character, Skeeter [...]

12 Aug, 2009

Capitola Begonia Fest & Nautical Parade Sept. 5-7

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Capitola by the Sea, Calif.–Deep in the heart of Santa Cruz County beaches is one event that simply blossoms each year. The Capitola Begonia Festival is one of our all-time favorites for its unique themes, fun games, and colorful boat floats decorated with live begonia flowers.
California’s cut flower industry has mostly gone south to Mexico [...]

08 Aug, 2009

Surfboards in the Sand Huntington Beach

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Huntington Beach, Calif.–A new event just came into our desk. It appears to be mostly a gathering of the surfing clan for photos. Beyond that, I’m not sure what else it has going. If posing with your surfboard rings your bell, you might want to check this one out.  Called Surfboards in the Sand, [...]

Huntington Beach, Calif.–Let’s go surfing now, everybody’s learning how, come on a surfing safari with me!
Huntington Beach, known for its surfing beaches,  is the latest to catch the dog surfing craze. This week the city will host a dog surfing competition at Huntington Dog Beach. A red carpet event at the dog-friendly Hilton Waterfront Beach [...]

06 Jun, 2009

California Beaches Water Quality This Week

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Water quality at California beaches this past week includes low grades in LA, OC, San Diego and a few other urban spots, with 99 percent or more of the coast grading high.

06 Jun, 2009

Surfing USA - Who Has the Best Surfing in California?

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Surfing USA, does anyone when the surfing revenue race?

02 Jun, 2009

Piers Worth Exploring this Summer

Posted by: Beach Reporter In: california

California piers offer many opportunities for exploring, relaxing and even fishing.

10 May, 2009

Surfin’ Sundays is Music to My Ears

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Surfing culture and surf concerts offer an authentic surfing experience for all to enjoy, in Huntington Beach, Dana Point, Santa Cruz and Oceanside.



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