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Sunset Beach shown in the photo above, is known for its sunsets and views of Catalina Island.
Sunset Beach, CA–The seaside hamlet, an unincorporated community of over 1,000 residents and celebrities such as Sandra Bullock & Jesse James, may become a part of Huntington Beach. A recent study paid for by community citizens assessed the viability [...]

24 Mar, 2010

Ask a Publicist About Sandra Bullock Break Up

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It’s all about spin in LA, and timing certainly comes into play. So when Sandra Bullock reportedly moved out of the Sunset Beach home that she and Jesse James shared, just days after Bullock won an Oscar for “best actress” in the Academy Awards, and then cancelled her British movie premier debut appearance, one publicist [...]

21 Mar, 2010

Quagga Mussels and Lovable Creatures

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While the paparazzi hover around Jesse James since Sandra Bullock left him a few days ago (there were four photographers  outside his Sunset Beach home on Sunday afternoon, Mar. 21) he’s making the best of his “lemonade”, so they say.
Meanwhile, the big news at the Catfish Derby (held annually for over twenty-five years) at Clearlake [...]

Sunset Beach, Calif.–You could easily walk past Sandra Bullock on the beach and hardly notice who she is. But when one of their town’s own stars receives world-wide recognition as best actress, it wouldn’t be right to say nothing at all. We wondered who was going to “cave” and put up the sign, and finally, [...]

07 Mar, 2010

Oscar Glitz & Glamor, Golf Classic Champs

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The Academy Awards are going on and everyone’s talking about the dresses. J-Lo has the best dress some say, while others like Demi Moore’s outfit. We were surprised by Sandra Bullock’s look when she stood outside on the red carpet. The dress made her look a little pale, but once inside and on stage with [...]

Does anyone remember the dog that was stolen from a Huntington Beach man outside his shop in Santa Ana just over a month ago? That story had a happy ending when the pedigree pooch was returned around Christmas, no questions asked. Now Sunset Beach (a town that could become part of Huntington Beach soon) residents [...]

18 Jan, 2010

Sandra Bullock Makes Sunset Beach Proud

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Accepting her award in the Golden Globes, Sunset Beach resident Sandra Bullock was  charming and well spoken. Speaking recently on the PBS program, Tavis Smiley, the actress who ranked as the top box office success for 2009, said family means everything to her. When she goes home from her acting career and winning awards, Bullock [...]

Sandra Bullock in recent role.
Sunset Beach, Calif.–Actress Sandra Bullock has been named 2009’s Top Hollywood Star at the box office in the eyes of U.S. Movie Theater Owners, according to Quigley Publishing Company, who compiles such data. The honor is based on factors such as the money a movie makes and star power that attracts [...]

Sunset Beach, Calif. — In a recent survey of the town of Sunset Beach, the majority of citizens voted to form their own city, if they can raise the money and can afford it. With residents such as Sandra Bullock and hubby Jesse James, you’d think that a mere $100K in fees to get the [...]

04 Jul, 2009

Sunset Beach, California Up for Grabs?

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Along the sand-drenched shores of north Orange County dwell Hollywood celebrities, moguls and long-timers who have called Sunset Beach home for what seems like aeons. The small town that stretches one mile along the coast includes residents such as stars Sandra Bullock and husband Jesse James. In the small bars along Pacific Coast Highway, you’ll [...]



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