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30 Apr, 2010

San Clemente’s Crazy Streets and Eclectic Vibe

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As you enter San Clemente from Dana Point driving along the oceanside El Camino Real (The King’s Road), things take a turn.¬† If you turn on one of the many streets with signs indicating beach access, you may end up driving the equivalent of Disneyland’s Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. With many twists and bends (including [...]

When California State Parks  announced a new fee structure for beach parking in August 2009, the prices were no surprise, but since that time, traffic to many beaches has been down. The $15 beach lots in Southern California are experiencing a decline in attendance as beach-goers get creative, finding other affordable ways of getting to [...]

12 Dec, 2009

San Clemente’s Cheap Beach Eats

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San Clemente, Calif.–There’s no better place to meet for eats than San Clemente. My favorite spot is the San Clemente Pier locals’ fave, Fisherman’s Restaurant & Bar. You can sit and watch the surfers in the water just beneath the pier, and gaze at San Clemente’s famous surfing beaches.
One of their best deals is the [...]

16 Nov, 2009

Great Day Hikes: San Diego’s San Onofre State Beach

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San Onofre State Beach received much attention recently for its one small section where naturists liked to sunbathe nude. Ultimately they lost their case in appeal for the right to sunbathe nude at the state park’s remote area. For day hikes, this part of the coast seldom experiences rain, and always enjoys close proximity to [...]

Do you need to unwind? Are you lacking enough time to visit the beach for more than a day? We all feel pressured when we try to do too much on a vacation or drive along the coast.
By picking your activities and spot, you can enjoy the Southern California beaches in increments. Here are some [...]

California Beaches– It’s another week of many F’s in water quality along our California shores. But that doesn’t mean the entire state’s waters are unworthy of your enjoyment. Just beware of some recently failing grades and repeat offending spots as you consider swimming in the ocean this weekend and next week. The reports come from [...]

12 Sep, 2009

San Clemente Fall Art Show through Oct. 29

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San Clemente, Calif.–The Fall Art Show is going on through October 29 and is sponsored by the San Clemente Art Association. Gallery Hours: Monday through Friday Noon to 4 p.m. Saturday & Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Location: San Clemente Community Center, Calle Seville & Avenida del Mar, San Clemente, CA. Call: (949) 492-7175.

Pollution is an equal opportunity offender, as seen in the current water quality reports from Heal the Bay monitoring this past week. While no closures are reported (though a sewage leak did close a beach a few weeks ago near the Oceanside Pier), there are some beaches with ocean water not fit for humans to [...]

10 Jul, 2009

San Clemente Festivals

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San Clemente, Calif.–South Orange County’s tropical city with its own island style culture, focus on family, surfing, beaches, and community, loves to celebrate. Upcoming are a few festivals you that are taking it to the streets and beaches of San Clemente. With free events, activities, and entertainment such as bands performing, you’ll find that San [...]

09 May, 2009

Beaches Packed in SoCal Today

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Summer is here, even though the calendar says it is early May at California beaches.



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  • Jesse: It was a great day all over Southern California. All the fans wore their jersey and hats to the beach. Even little kids showed their pride for L.A.'s
  • Lisa: OHh.. I wanna do hair for this event next time! =)
  • Herb Spitzer: Surfer/Guitarist Ray Spitzer passed away 6/18/10. He is survived by his wife and 2 childern. Ray had been battling cancer in his back for years. He wo