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SANTA MONICA, CA–Santa Monica Place, the newest shopping destination to open August 6 just blocks from the beach in Santa Monica, is set to welcome new tenants. Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co. have signed deals to open in the revamped Santa Monica Place, after a $265 million overhaul, according to breaking news reported by [...]

20 Jan, 2010

Will You Pay to Read News Online? NY Times Takes Bold Step

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The New York Times management announced that it will begin charging frequent readers to access the online edition of its newspaper in 2011. But will the public balk, especially when there are many other sources to acquire news from? The news industry is watching to see if this move will stick in the world of [...]

New Year’s Message from Huntington Beach Ambassador Chris MacDonald
Hello Friends,
I’d like to start this newsletter, congratulating Travis Pastrana who broke the world record yesterday from jumping off the Long Beach Pine Avenue Pier in his Race Car and landing more than 250 feet into a barge. I watched it live on ESPN. it was exciting [...]

Hello Friends,
Just A Reminder: If You Live Off Of Edwards In Huntington Beach Between Slater And Varsity. You’ll Notice The Road Construction. What’s Happening Is A New Sewer Line For A New Lift Station Is Being Constructed. This New Sewer Line Is Going From Balmoral To Slater. The Scheduled Time For Competition Is One Week [...]

12 Aug, 2009

Happy Birthday to Stan Chambers at KTLA Channel 5 News

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Submitted by Chris MacDonald
I’d like to wish long time legendary KTLA Channel 5 Television Reporter Stan Chambers a very happy 86th birthday today (Wed.) Thanks Stan for more than 60 continuous years of stellar reporting. Be sure and read his fabulous new book.  See this webpage, photo & video about Stan & his book at:
Thanks for [...]

By Chris MacDonald
Huntington Beach, Calif.–I was riding by Gibbs Butterfly Park today and saw my friend, Leslie Gilson’s, there, as usual. The butterfly lady, as some know her, is there at the park watering the plants and trees every day, creating a habitat and nesting place for butterflies. But I saw something else–two ABC Eyewitness [...]

23 Jul, 2009

Microsoft - Soft; Staples Reduces 150 Items for Back2School

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Just watching my dose of business news from nightly business report, the housing marking was seeing a 3% rise but Microsoft was flat and that, said experts, makes the stock market drop. The green arrows still won out today, pointing up, not down. The news was no news, really. Microsoft is releasing two new products [...]

07 Jul, 2009

Travel News Headlines That Grab You - or Not

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As I wake up each day and the travel news headlines filter in, I try to sink my teeth into something that resonates. There’s gotta be a hook or else I just can’t get inspired to write about the event, deal, festival, or steal.
Today, I opened an email list of things that are supposed to [...]

06 Jul, 2009

California Beach News Headlines Digested

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Always looking for a great news flash, I scoured the headlines over the weekend past. While North Korea fired a round of missiles into the ocean on the 4th, most people were fixed on their local scene and where their fireworks shows would be.  North Korea fired missiles on the 4th of July another year, [...]

09 May, 2009

Huntington Beach News Events Today

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Events news for Huntington Beach, Ca



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