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San Diego, CA–If you’ve read our recent blog post from the past several months about water quality at California’s beaches, you would have seen that Tijuana River and Tijuana Slough have had some gnarly problems with water quality that troubles not only locals of south San Diego County, but visitors who want to swim in [...]

Tijuana, Mexico–Just across the San Diego - U.S. border in Tijuana is a world of treasures in shopping in dining. One place you will swoon over after you sample their treats are the hand-made chocolates at Venus Chocolates. Beautifully crafted, perfectly molded, and rich in chocolate content, the bonbons, truffles and chocolate pieces are one [...]

When an unusual turtle was recently spotted at Stinson Beach, Marine Mammal Center in the Marin Headlands, did it’s “thing”, feeding the stunned turtle fluids, vitamins and antibiotics. Throughout the year this facility and many more along the California coast offer a front-line of limited medical care to injured sea creatures and birds. Many survive [...]

Los Angeles, Calif–Festival de la HERENCIA LATINA celebrates Latino Heritage Month (which begins on September 15) with an annual event.  Families from Mexico, Central & South-America (total of 21 Latin countries) annually attend a free festival held 13 miles southeast of downtown L.A. in Bell Gardens. Created as a community celebration that includes family fun [...]

San Diego, Calif.–For an affordable $8 you can experience LOS COJOLITES on Sept. 10, 2009. Los Cojolites have transformed into one of the emblematic groups of the new Son Jarocho, a traditional musical expression of the coastal side of southern Veracruz, Mexico.  Time: Location:  WorldBeat Cultural Center in Balboa Park, 2100 Park Blvd. San Diego [...]

16 Aug, 2009

Visit California 101

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California–When visiting California, there are many types of vacations to enjoy such as  beach vacations, mountain vacations, lake vacations, state parks, national parks, island vacations, theme park attractions and seasonal and holiday vacations. We have always favored the California beach vacation,  but combining it with other types makes for great exploring and a wide range [...]



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  • Jesse: It was a great day all over Southern California. All the fans wore their jersey and hats to the beach. Even little kids showed their pride for L.A.'s
  • Lisa: OHh.. I wanna do hair for this event next time! =)
  • Herb Spitzer: Surfer/Guitarist Ray Spitzer passed away 6/18/10. He is survived by his wife and 2 childern. Ray had been battling cancer in his back for years. He wo