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California is home to the world’s largest public airport devoted solely to private aircraft traffic. Owned and operated by the Los Angeles World Airports, part of the Los Angeles International Airport and Ontario International Airport system, Van Nuys Airport - VNY, has just two parallel runways, but handles nearly 500,000 aircraft movements in a single [...]

San Diego, Calif.–I checked out Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego and liked my room there. It was clean, spacious, had great views, quality beds, and the color scheme was black, white, and splashes of colors such as lime green and blue.  The room was both dark and bright at the same time! And its [...]

11 Jan, 2010

Arizona is for Californians

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Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort provides an oasis of Arizona desert proportions.
What’s New? California tour & travel professionals know that one of their largest tourism markets outside the state is Arizona. It is no secret. California cities and regions plan their annual budgets to include ad campaigns for the heat season in major cities such as [...]

24 Dec, 2009

New Identity Sought For Pacific Grove

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The  beautiful city of Pacific Grove, south of Monterey, wants to develop a new identity to attract tourists and boost revenue. City officials said a recent survey suggested many visitors to “Butterfly Town USA” do not know about its attractions. So the city is asking businesses, residents and tourists to help develop a plan to [...]

31 Oct, 2009

Subliminally Sold - Are You Being Manipulated Into Buying?

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Just as I began reading New York Times best-selling author Lee Eisenberg’s book, “Shoptimism”, I began noticing how influenced I and most consumers are when about spending money and buying things. Subliminal messages–images shown so quickly that viewers don’t consciously see them–are most effective when they have negative words, according to the latest research. “DON’T [...]

Paso Robles, one of the brightest and best growing regions in California, has formed a new travel organization to help the locals spread the word about all the great  vintners, farm produce and businesses. It’s called Travel Paso Robles Alliance and it launched to deliver tourism news to the travel industry and tourists.  Insider information [...]

03 Jul, 2009

Coupons, the Marketing Side of selling the Beach & Travel

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As the economy went south, we began to notice that more people were using coupons. It was true five years ago and still holds true today. AAA (Automobile Club) got on the bandwagon with mobile coupons. You can be on the road and scouting the savings as you drive, so the theory goes. Like any [...]

15 Jun, 2009

California Conference on Tourism

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California’s Conference on Tourism will be in Newport Beach in 2009.



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