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30 Jul, 2009

Legoland California’s Great Marketing

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Carlsbad, CA– You can just tell when a company understands the climate and what it takes to sell tickets, sell fun, and promote it so that people will come.  Legoland California is one shining example. When Barak Obama was inaugurated as President of the U.S., Legoland added him, his wife, and two daughters to the [...]

02 Jul, 2009

Legal Issues Halt Legoland Michael Jackson Tribute

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LEGOLAND California Halts Plans to Install Mini LEGO Michael Jackson Model
Legal Issues Prevent Park from Installing Pop Icon in Miniland
CARLSBAD, Calif. (July 2, 2009) – Due to unresolved legal issues, LEGOLAND® California is no longer moving forward with its plan to install a model of Michael Jackson  in Miniland U.S.A. as a tribute to the [...]

01 Jul, 2009

Michael Jackson Legoland California Tribute Open July 3

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Michael Jackson Immortalized at LEGOLAND California
Model Builders Show Five Different Versions of the Pop Icon Model on
Michael Jackson will be the newest exhibit  in Miniland Southern California at LEGOLAND. Model Builders are creating a four-inch tall Minilander of Jackson that can be seen by Park guests as he exits a limousine in front of [...]

26 Jun, 2009

Four Men and a Woman Paid to Play with Legos

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Legoland model builders win jobs in toy contest.

17 Jun, 2009

Legoland Model Builders Job Search in Calif.

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Legoland Model Builder Career may await you if you qualify at the Legoldand try-outs.

02 Jun, 2009

Best California Theme Park Deals

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Finding savings this summer makes it a great time for families and individuals to attend theme parks with overnight stays at hotels.

17 May, 2009

Southern California Theme Parks Update

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Southern California theme parks update 2009 summer.



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