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10 Feb, 2010

Hollywood Visited Hyatt Resort in HB Again Today

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The right northbound lane of Pacific Coast Highway was closed during the filming of a commercial near the southern-most pool at the Hyatt Regency and Spa today in Huntington Beach. The pool site has been recently featured in the new version of the TV series “Beverly Hills 90210.” Today however, a giant crane on PCH [...]

26 Jan, 2010

Film Festivals in California in 2010

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Is anyone NOT having a film festival this year? Wouldn’t you expect that in California, where the film industry is a part of the very fiber of art, culture, and lifestyle? But, of course! Palm Springs recently finished their film festival, to launch an incredible year filled with hot productions, award-winning stories, acting, and audience [...]

Santa Barbara, CA —Meryl Streep, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin will be seen on the big screen this holiday  in a comedy movie about love, divorce and everything in between. Much of the story is set in beloved  Santa Barbara. “It’s Complicated” is about Jane, the mother of three grown kids, who owns a thriving [...]

The Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes Complex in Santa Maria Valley is  where famed director Cecil B. DeMille filmed his 1923 silent epic The Ten Commandments.  In the summer of 2010, filmmaker Peter Brosnan plans to premiere his own movie documenting his 20-year quest to unearth artifacts from DeMille’s Egyptian-themed set from beneath the sands.  DeMille’s massive “City [...]

14 Sep, 2009

Virtual Exercise — Only in Hollywood! on Nov. 8

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HOLLYWOOD -  Virtual Exercise Experience. Imagine 200 stationary bikes surrounded by lights, music and large projection screens inside the red-hot Avalon nightclub in Hollywood. Southern California’s top instructors, including Bike 2 The Beat’s Alan Harvey, Brandon Hament from The Cycle Annex in South Pasadena , Cindy Bell from Pedal Spin [...]

11 Aug, 2009

Paul Gilbert at Guitar Center Hollywood Aug. 12

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One of the most popular California vacations takes place in Hollywood. Even though movie production is down in the state, there’s a lot to see and celebrate, including free entertainment at a popular venue known far & wide. Guitar Center Hollywood will feature master musician guitarist Paul Gilbert tomorrow evening (Aug. 12).
HOLLYWOOD - An Evening [...]

California visitors make every penny of their sightseeing budget count. Romantic, quirky San Francisco’s most popular six attractions cost $56  less with CityPass. Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, star haunts and houses, and celebrity spotting saves the star-struck $51 with CityPass. And, within a few clicks, admission to Southern California’s most famous theme parks weighs [...]

04 Jul, 2009

Sunset Beach, California Up for Grabs?

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Along the sand-drenched shores of north Orange County dwell Hollywood celebrities, moguls and long-timers who have called Sunset Beach home for what seems like aeons. The small town that stretches one mile along the coast includes residents such as stars Sandra Bullock and husband Jesse James. In the small bars along Pacific Coast Highway, you’ll [...]

13 Jun, 2009

California’s Most Germ-ridden Attractions

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Germs are everywhere in California and especially thick at the top tourist attractions and theme parks such as Disneyland.



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