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25 Feb, 2010

Beach Closures and Ocean Quality Report for California

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For over a month south San Diego County has experienced beach closures at several popular spots. From the Border Field State Beach to Silver Strand State Beach in Coronado, 11 beaches are closed. The source of the pollution has been from the Tijuana River.
The F grades currently number around 35 along the California coast. An [...]

17 Feb, 2010

California Water Quality Beach Report For Mid-Feb 2010

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It has been about a week since rain washed through the area, but what remains are some beach locations with ocean water you need to know about and avoid till the quality improves.  The beaches  south of downtown San Diego between the Tijuana River and Silver Strand State Beach are closed currently due to sewage [...]

02 Dec, 2009

Water Quality Grades This Week at CA Beaches

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California beaches are touted as “pristine”, clean, and other appealing things. Some beaches are smooth as glass, such as Glass Beach which is strewn with smooth pieces of colored glass shaped like rocks. Once somebody’s throw-away bottles and trash, collectors now cherish these collectible gems.   Some beaches have the misfortune of looking filthy and trashy, [...]

16 Oct, 2009

Water Quality Weekly Report for California Beaches

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Greetings from the Beach Reporter!We love our rain in California, but we hate what it does to our beaches.
California beaches–On Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2009, issued a warning to stay out of most California beach waters  for 72 hours after the first rain of the season. The 72 hour self-monitoring ban is over, but as [...]

11 Sep, 2009

California Beach Report Card this Week

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California beaches offer an amazing 1000 plus miles of entertainment, education, recreation and relaxation. The oceans are our lifeline and the Pacific Ocean that California enjoys provides climatic conditions that make coastal living some of the finest in the world.  In a blog post today that mentioned Baker Beach, we didn’t mention the water quality [...]

03 Sep, 2009

California Beach Water Quality Report 19 Worst Beaches

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California Beach Water Quality Report is a digest of the latest statistics released from Heal the In this week’s findings, there are 19 beaches given a red mark as a warning sign to avoid going in the water at this particular beach. Even D water quality should be avoided.  Sonoma Coast has been taken [...]



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