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16 Feb, 2010

Coupon Capers Make for Interesting Internet Surfing

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Do you need to renew your domain names at Godaddy? the first step is looking up a coupon code, right? So you try 7 codes at check out and none of them work, but you aren’t sure why. If you don’t mind the long distance call and waiting for a sales agent, it doesn’t hurt [...]

22 Jan, 2010

Huntington Beach Rain-shine Report

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It’s raining, it’s pouring. And in between, the sun is shining. Chris MacDonald’s weekly report provides some things for you to think about seeing and doing in the upcoming week. Happy travels
Hello Friends,
News Flash: Here is some Information from the City Administrator’s Newsletter
Sandbags Available for Residents
Huntington Beach residents may receive as many as 20 sandbags [...]

08 Jan, 2010

Save Save Save in Surf City Huntington Beach

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Submitted by Chris MacDonald
One of the most frequent comments I receive when promoting coupons is, “Gee, I eat there anyway. I can use this coupon and save more money!”
This Week’s featured business where lots of people like to eat is: No Ka Oi. Casual Hawaiian Dining in Downtown Huntington Beach at: 215 Main Street. [...]

02 Oct, 2009

Chris Update This Week for Huntington Beach Coupons

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Have You Logged On To: Lately? You Could Start Saving Tons Of Money At The Places You Shop At. Here Are Some Of The Business’s That Are On There With What Savings You Get:
$1 Off At New Zealand Natural Ice Cream At The Strand,
10 Percent Off A Purchase Of $20 And More At California Greetings
20 [...]

11 Sep, 2009

More of the HB Local News

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More Chris MacDonald weekly Huntington Beach Events:
Just A Reminder If You Live Off of Edwards In Huntington Beach Between Slater And Varsity. You’ll Notice The Road Construction. What’s Happening Is A New Sewer Line For A New Lift Station Is Being Constructed. This New Sewer Line Is Going From Balmoral To Slater. The Scheduled Time [...]

31 Jul, 2009

Huntington Beach & OC Weekly News Events

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Chris MacDonald’s Weekly News Events for Huntington Beach and Surrounding Area
Hello Friends,
I’d Like To Start This Newsletter Announcing . Log On And Start Saving Money At The Places That You Go To.
Here’s What You Get:
$1 Off At New Zealand Natural Ice Cream At The Strand, 10 Percent Off A Purchase Of $20 And More At [...]

03 Jul, 2009

Coupons, the Marketing Side of selling the Beach & Travel

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As the economy went south, we began to notice that more people were using coupons. It was true five years ago and still holds true today. AAA (Automobile Club) got on the bandwagon with mobile coupons. You can be on the road and scouting the savings as you drive, so the theory goes. Like any [...]



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