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We all need to save $$$ these days. Baskin-Robbins ice cream stores in SoCal are helping you get a break with a special, one night offer. America’s long-time neighborhood ice cream shop is bringing back the 4th annual discount ice cream event, the 31 Cent Scoop Night celebration on April 28, 2010 from 5 p.m. [...]

14 Jan, 2010

Valentine’s Day on a Beach Bum Budget

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Californians are some of the hardest hit by unemployment in a state that ranks third in the nation for job losses during the economic melt down. Valentine’s Day is just another depressing day to many whose pockets are empty, house foreclosed on, and love interest bummed at another day hanging around feeling depressed. Money is [...]

12 Dec, 2009

San Clemente’s Cheap Beach Eats

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San Clemente, Calif.–There’s no better place to meet for eats than San Clemente. My favorite spot is the San Clemente Pier locals’ fave, Fisherman’s Restaurant & Bar. You can sit and watch the surfers in the water just beneath the pier, and gaze at San Clemente’s famous surfing beaches.
One of their best deals is the [...]

I just saved about $60 on my Canon Sure Shot camera repair. How? I went to a camera store rather than accept Canon’s factory repair price.
I have gone through at least four Canon Sure Shot cameras in the past several years. They are cheaply made with mostly plastic parts. They simply don’t hold up to [...]

17 Jul, 2009

Which Tour is Best for a Day in San Francisco?

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Are you looking for flights between Orange County and San Francisco? Current prices are running around $119 with the introduction of Virgin America offering extra competition.  Long Beach to Oakland sometimes has seats for $39 but those are harder to come by during the summer.  With just a day to spend and no plans to [...]

06 Jul, 2009

California Beach News Headlines Digested

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Always looking for a great news flash, I scoured the headlines over the weekend past. While North Korea fired a round of missiles into the ocean on the 4th, most people were fixed on their local scene and where their fireworks shows would be.  North Korea fired missiles on the 4th of July another year, [...]

21 May, 2009


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Write for free or a penny. In a 20% unemployment market, it’s the perfect time to launch web sites that use people for free or virtually no pay.

19 May, 2009

Best Cheap California Beach Vacations

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Best Cheap California Vacations this summer offers a report with prices and hotel names for those seeking vacations in the $100 - 200 dollar range.



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