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31 Dec, 2009

Polar Plunges at California Beaches

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California loves a dip in the ocean, especially when the water is cold, providing thrills and chills for young and old. The annual polar dips and dives are invigorating, and pay homage to our oceans that comprise three-quarters of the earth’s surface.
Some events to enjoy this season include polar plunges in San Pedro, Huntington Beach, [...]

26 Dec, 2009

In California, The Best Things in Life Are Free

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California’s cities and towns have enough entertainment to go around…but the problem for many of us is that we simply can’t afford to spend up to $150 on a ticket for a concert or play. Even community theaters these days are charging $15 up for local productions. Once you accept that there are some things [...]

When it rains up and down the coast of California, there’s one thing you can count on in addition to traffic snarls as oil-coated freeways get a soaking–pollution in our ocean!
Californians are excited to see rain systems pass through the state, especially during drought conditions we’ve been experiencing. But for those who watch the coast, [...]

06 Dec, 2009

The Beach is Cold, But No Snow for Christmas!

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For those visiting for the holidays, the beach has been a bit chilly the past several days ranging from daytime highs in the low 60’s to lows in the 40s at night. If you arrive on vacation and feel a bit let down, expecting massive sunshine and shorts weather, head to the Palm Desert. The [...]

02 Dec, 2009

Laguna Beach Window Washer Cleans McMansions

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Laguna Beach, Calif.–Known for its artist colony, art galleries, and more than 20 beaches, Laguna Beach is a paradise if you can afford it. The beauty of this Southern California Garden of Eden is accessible to tourists who are welcomed and visit by the millions annually. On your next trip as you take time to [...]

12 Nov, 2009

Holiday Beaches California Style

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year–especially if you like to put on your bikini and ice skate at the beach. California beaches have warmed up to the beach ice skating craze and once the ice freezes under the sunshine of a warm winter day, good times begin to roll. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and into [...]

11 Nov, 2009


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Frankly Speaking About Wedding Anniversaries
(One in a Continuing Series)
By C. MacDonald
It’s easy to forget the little things in life–like remembering to pick up milk on your way home or trimming the side bush or washing the windows like you promised. But some things are supposed to be unforgettable and if you happen to forget them, [...]

07 Nov, 2009

Huntington Beach Centennial Ends with Lake Park Picnic

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At a Lake Park picnic on Saturday the final candles were blown as Huntington Beach, California rounded out a year of celebrations for its 100 years of existence .  Incorporated in 1909 and named after Henry E. Huntington, the city has grown from a beach destination to a beach destination. Not much has changed in [...]

07 Nov, 2009

California Beach Report Card this Week

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How is your ocean water quality this week? If you step into the Pacific Ocean on a California beach, you really¬† need to check the quality to make sure you won’t get sick. Last week saw a high number of closures and this week hasn’t really gone down much. Let’s see if the same spots [...]

03 Nov, 2009

Bonfire Rings on Bolsa Chica State Beach Still There

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Sacramento, CA–The case of the California beach bonfire rings stretches all the way to Sacramento where budget cuts at the State Capitol resulted in a new chart spelling out cuts to state beaches and parks. One of the line items with an “X” was the bonfire rings at 7 Southern California beaches. See list
We contacted [...]



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