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12 Mar, 2010

San Francisco in 24 Hours

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What do tourists like to do on their favorite  San Francisco getaways?  The top attraction for just one day is the BAY!  It’s called San Francisco Bay Area for a reason, and there are many bay options to enjoy–perfectly packaged, parcelled and priced for all budgets.
If you live in the Bay Area, you’ll save money [...]

03 Dec, 2009

Voena “Voices of the Season” California Concerts

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If you are looking for something special to take the family to this holiday, children love watching VOENA.  They rarely appear in Southern California, but if you live in Northern California Bay Area, you’ll have a better chance of catching them.  “Voices of the Season A Multi-Ethnic Celebration” concert presented by the VOENA youth chorus [...]

At a lovely hotel along the Southern California Coast last week the buzz among airline industry execs was how to make a profit when the chips are down, literally. Discussion surrounded charging for everything from a bag of chips, to use of the airline toilet, to paying for getting on the plane first.
This chatter has [...]

17 Oct, 2009

House of Floyd Pink Floyd Tribute Band Upcoming Concerts

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House of Floyd is as good as Pink Floyd, say some, who are fans of the Bay Area band that provides the look and feel of the original British band. Nowadays it’s hard to even find a Pink Floyd concert, much less pay the fee to get to it and watch the awesome music that [...]

24 Sep, 2009

Sky’s the Limit at Pacifica Fog Fest Sep. 26-27

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Pacifica, Calif.–Pray for fog, and if you get it, than that’s luck! The sky’s the limite as the Pacifica Fog Fest rolls into town like the big fog banks that blanket this San Francisco Bay Area locale which has a reputation for …. fog. Pacifica is a charming seaside city known for beautiful hillside houses [...]

10 Sep, 2009

Two California Cities Show Off Cars This Weekend

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What will you choose this weekend, a Poker Run or Sock Hop? Just sign up or attend Cloverdale’s Street Celebration with Car & Motorcycle Show as a spectator or vist Chester’s 23rd annual Street Rod Extravaganza and you’ll find these options are part of the fun during the events. Where are these California cities located?
Cloverdale, [...]

23 Aug, 2009

Bay Area UFO Expo Sept. 12-13

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Santa Clara, Calif.–The 11th Annual Bay Area UFO Expo will be held in Santa Clara at the Marriott Hotel on the weekend of Sept. 12 & 13. Featuring the usual fare of speakers and vendors, the event covers topics such UFOs, Alien Encounters, Reptilians, Crop Circles, Earth Mysteries, Government Cover Ups, etc. Among the guests [...]

American Airlines is ending all service between OC and San Francisco / San Jose on November 19. A reduction begins with the Aug. 25 American Eagle flights between John Wayne and  San Francisco (1) and to Jose (2). Virgin Airlines began service and Southwest added more flights to the Bay Area from SNA, so there [...]



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