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21 Mar, 2010

California Ocean Water Quality Mid-March 2010

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The weeks whiz by and as summer approaches, California’s beach water quality seems to be getting better just in time for tourism season. Warmer temperatures, grunion runs, and less rain, all make for good times to enjoy life at the beach. Before you enter any ocean or body of water, anywhere, it’s best to do a bit of research to make sure the quality is fit for humans. In keeping with that philosophy, here’s the recent results of test made along many portions of the 1,000 mile California coast. Provided by, you can check out the water yourself before your next visit. It’s not a bad habit!

On another note, it’s important to understand that just because a beach is popular and people are swimming in it, that doesn’t guarantee the water quality is fine. Also, just because a beach is called “Mother’s” doesn’t assure a healthy place for kids to play.  The most visited beaches in  California are in Los Angeles, where there are the highest number of failing grades this past week. And you may notice that Marina del Rey’s Mother’s Beach playground is on the F list.

Los Angeles County Beaches with “F” Failing Grades

  • Alamitos Bay - 56th Place - on bayside
  • Alamitos Bay - shore float
  • Alamitos Bay, 2nd St. Bridge & Bayshore
  • Cabrillo Beach - harborside at restrooms
  • Colorado Lagoon, north
  • Colorado Lagoon, south
  • Escondido Creek, just east of Escondido State Beach
  • Marie Canyon storm drain at Puerco Beach, at 24572 Malibu Rd.
  • Marina del Rey, Mothers’ Beach - playground area
  • Mother’s Beach - Long Beach - north end
  • Surfrider Beach (breach location)- daily
  • Will Rogers State Beach at Santa Monica Canyon drain (Chautauqua)

San Diego County F

  • Border Field State Park, proj. of Monument Rd.
  • Mission Bay, Visitor’s Center - proj. of Clairemont
  • Oceanside, San Luis Rey River outlet
  • Tijuana Slough NWRS, Tijuana Rivermouth

Orange County F

  • Dana Point- Dana Strand Beach
  • Dana Point- Doheny Beach, north of San Juan Creek
  • Salt Creek Beach

Santa Barbara County F

Marin County F

  • Stinson Beach, South

San Mateo County F

  • Aquatic Park

Alameda County F

  • Crown Beach Bird Sanctuary

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