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09 Feb, 2010

Long Beach Pump Stations To Reduce Trash in LA River

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By Chris MacDonald

Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster and Vice Mayor Val Lerch hosted a Groundbreaking Celebration in February 2010 for Three Pump Stations that will reduce trash in the L.A. River

All stations are located within Long Beach and the Los Angeles River Watershed. Each station drains directly into the Los Angeles River. “The trash-capturing devices will significantly reduce the amount of refuse entering the water,” said Mayor Foster. “The trash would otherwise end up along the City’s coastline and out in the Pacific Ocean.”

The Stormwater Pump Station 11 Project involves installing a Vortex Separation System (VSS) on a large storm drain leading to the facility. The VSS works like a washing machine spin cycle: Storm water enters a cylindrical chamber then spins through a perforated screen, which traps and draws trash, sediment and green waste to the bottom of a litter sump. It’s then vacuumed out later during normal scheduled maintenance cleaning. The filtered storm water continues its path through the VSS unit and into the Los Angeles River.

The Stormwater Pump Station 12 & 13 projects consist of building a net system at two other storm drains to capture trash, sediment and green waste before the storm water is pumped into the Los Angeles River.

We commend Mayor Foster, Vice Mayor Lerch, Public Works and everyone else making California’s beaches, the ocean and city a cleaner, safer place. Also, we can all do our part by being careful at what we put on our driveways and in our street drains, since it all washes down to the ocean.

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