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SUNSET BEACH–The Anderson Art Gallery is honoring the legendary master of the California style of watercolor, Milford Zornes, with a special Exhibition of his drawings, paintings and printmaking on Feb. 7, 2010 from 1-3pm at 16812 Pacific Coast Highway, next to Captain Jacks Restaurant) in Sunset Beach. You are invited to the Opening Reception on [...]

15 Jan, 2010

Men Who Carry Purses

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I saw a drop dead gorgeous woman in a bright red dress, spiked high heels and flowing, long black  hair cling to her date during a stroll at the beach a few weeks ago. Having snuck away from the wedding reception at the resort hotel nearby, I surmised, the couple looked playfully at each other. [...]

San Francisco, CA — The sizzle of seasonings in light & healthy oils, food products to sample, and “the pitch” are part and parcel at the 35th Winter Fancy Food Show at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. From sauces to to beverage, marinades, to pâtés, this event is all about gourmet.  Held from January 17 to [...]

Its officially CARNAVAL time!!! The Samba Schools in Rio are rehearsing, the adrenaline is flowing, and excitement is growing leading up to the big week and the most important time of the year! In Los Angeles and San Diego huge contingents carry the passion for Brazilian traditions with their own Carnaval events.
For the first time [...]

15 Jan, 2010

California Art Festivals Are Plentiful in 2010

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The  economy and loss of jobs has impacted the sale of art to some extent, yet with extra time on many individuals’ hands as they look for work,  budding artists are springing forth everywhere. Art has never been so hot!
Art festivals, art fairs, and the artist in all of us is coming out in 2010. [...]

15 Jan, 2010

Huntington Beach For Your Enjoyment

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Submitted by Chris MacDonald
Hello Friends,
This is an energy tip from Former Huntington Beach Mayor/Energy Consultant Debbie Cook: Debbie says: Shade the western side of your home to the greatest extent possible with deciduous trees, trellises, or vining plants.
This week’s featured business is Papa Joe’s Pizza and Pasta, Subs, Beer and Wine. Located at: 414 [...]



  • Jesse: It was a great day all over Southern California. All the fans wore their jersey and hats to the beach. Even little kids showed their pride for L.A.'s
  • Lisa: OHh.. I wanna do hair for this event next time! =)
  • Herb Spitzer: Surfer/Guitarist Ray Spitzer passed away 6/18/10. He is survived by his wife and 2 childern. Ray had been battling cancer in his back for years. He wo