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KTLA Channel 5  announced on this evening’s 6PM newscast that Cal Poly won the viewers choice award for “Jungle Cuts” entry in The Rose Parade 2010. The KTLA Viewers chose that as the Best Float with close to 21,000 votes. Many congratulations to everyone at Cal Poly Pomona and San Luis Obispo for making the [...]

02 Jan, 2010

Crab Cooker in Newport Beach is Cal Classic

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Newport Beach, CA–If you’re longing for some steamed clams or oysters on the half shell, this is the season to relish the unique tastes and sauces that make this treat one of the best foods to enjoy with a cocktail or beer. Oyster and clam season runs through April  so a landmark restaurant in Newport [...]

02 Jan, 2010

Surfboards, Icons of California Beaches

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California and surfboards belong together. There are many arguments over which city had surfing and enjoyed it first, but  a general consensus confirms that California did not invent surfing. The West Coast of the U.S. mainland just happened to take to it kindly, and has never let the embers die in close to 100 years [...]

San Francisco Musician’s are fighting back with MUSIC - On Saturday, January 16, 2010, in San Francisco, Calif. at The SF BOX. Joe Blank presents the second of 3 concert fundraisers “SETTING THE STAGE FOR HOPE”, a benefit to aid Jessica Ann Bucher. Elliott’s Evil Plan, and some of the Bay Area’s most talented performers [...]



  • Jesse: It was a great day all over Southern California. All the fans wore their jersey and hats to the beach. Even little kids showed their pride for L.A.'s
  • Lisa: OHh.. I wanna do hair for this event next time! =)
  • Herb Spitzer: Surfer/Guitarist Ray Spitzer passed away 6/18/10. He is survived by his wife and 2 childern. Ray had been battling cancer in his back for years. He wo