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Long Beach, CA — Museum of Latin American Art features free admission every Sunday with Target Free Sundays. This museum is one of my favorite Southern California museums for its unique collection and art you may not see elsewhere. The museum focuses on the works of top artists recognized in Latin American countries.
If you happen [...]

01 Nov, 2009

Knott’s Berry Farm Free Admission to Veterans

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Free admission for veterans started today (Nov. 1) at Knott’s Berry Farm. The annual event allows those serving in the armed forces, active, non-, and retired, to bring one guest with them. Veteran’s Month offers free park admission for them and a guest November 1-26 only.  Up to six additional tickets can be purchased for [...]

Do you need to unwind? Are you lacking enough time to visit the beach for more than a day? We all feel pressured when we try to do too much on a vacation or drive along the coast.
By picking your activities and spot, you can enjoy the Southern California beaches in increments. Here are some [...]

Because I live in a place where it seldom seems to freeze anymore (used to, but those days are gone,) the Southern California beaches do have their fair share of spiders, fleas, and other bugs that are never touched by more than a subtle winter frost. Just sitting here typing, I was bit by a [...]

Napa Valley Mustard Festival, a huge celebration of the region’s love of mustard, runs in 2010 from Jan. 30-Mar.27. While many events are yet to be announced, and some may not be set in stone (as in stone mustard,) a few worth note include The Marketplace ~ A Signature Event for Connoisseurs, on Mar. 13 [...]

01 Nov, 2009

Surfing Santa is Coming to Capitola Main Beach Nov. 28

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Surf’s Up, they say, in Capitola by the Sea. The surfing capital of fun invites girls and boys of all ages to watch Surfing Santa surf into shore from the Pacific onto Main Beach at Noon. This annual event is one of the most popular holiday traditions in Santa Cruz County, and well worth the [...]



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  • Jesse: It was a great day all over Southern California. All the fans wore their jersey and hats to the beach. Even little kids showed their pride for L.A.'s
  • Lisa: OHh.. I wanna do hair for this event next time! =)
  • Herb Spitzer: Surfer/Guitarist Ray Spitzer passed away 6/18/10. He is survived by his wife and 2 childern. Ray had been battling cancer in his back for years. He wo