Leucadia State Beach Beacons
beacons leucadia state beach
leucadia state beach


Beacons Beach or Leucadia State Beach  in  Encinitas Leucadia - San Diego County

Encinitas--Leucadia State Beach, or Beacon's Beach is operated by the City of Encinitas in which it is located. If ever a place should be called Surf City, Encinitas would take the honor. While other cities market themselves as such, this low key beach destination along Old Coast Highway even has road crossing signs with a surfer crossing the road.


San Diego County beaches offer great surfing, and this state beach thatt's hardly recognizable as such offers some swell swells. The California State Parks jokingly recognize that while this is a beach under their auspices, it's barely recognizable as such. They state honestly that when you find it, the signs will say "Beacons". And so it goes in Leucadia, a neighborhood of Encinitas in north San Diego County. 


Access to Beacons is only possible via steps, unless you walk a distance. There's no wheelchair access, so you'd need to be mobile to visit this beach. Set at the bottom of a steep embankment or coastal cliffs where ocean view houses sit, there has long been an issue in this region of eroding beaches that are narrow and washed out at high tides.  So as far as beaches go, it's fine to enjoy it, to stroll and picnic when the tides are low. One of the more interesting state beaches, its urban flavor and challenging access make it unique among the state parks assets. If you're visiting San Diego County, this is one of the best spots to park your car, get out in the parking lot, and wander down to the beach. This is where you'll see the authentic Southern California surfing culture, where youngsters train to become surf pros, and where laid back lifestyle is defined by the surfers who live it in an unassuming way. You can go elsewhere to watch surfing, but in Encinitas, you can soak up the vibes and the San Diego sunshine.


Beacon's is known as the surfer beach.  There's a limited amount of sand for strolling and relaxing and the beach is often strewn with cobblestones and kelp.  Fishing and swimming  conditions are good and locals like to walk their dogs on the sand. Location: 948 Neptune Ave. @ Leucadia


Located off Neptune Avenue at the intersection of Leucadia Boulevard, there's a small parking lot with a telephone, but no other facilities.  From the top of the bluffs,  a gentle dirt switchback trail leads to the beach below. A post-and-chain handrail lines the trail the whole way to the beach. 


The signage says the beach is closed between 2 and 4 a.m. but the parking lot hours are more limited so there are opportunities for locals to get in some moonlight surfing and strolling. No alcohol allowed. 

The bluffs along this stretch of Leucadia beach are beautiful, but are posted as unstable so heed the warnings and stay on the trail if you don't want to risk falling.