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Newport Beach Pop Jet Fountain for Kids Vacations at Fashion Island Shopping Mall




Fashion Island's Pop Jet Fountain is ideal to take children to visit on a kids vacation in Newport Beach or Disneyland. Custom designed for the mall, it is so much fun to watch as seen in the video above.


Fashion Island Pop Jet Fountain in Newport Beach is a delight for kids and fun for adults to watch. Take five kids and turn them loose in the fountain to see four different reactions to the little "pops" of water the shoot up from the ground as high as a tall person, to as low as just a few feet, and then watch kids react.  One little girl stands barefoot in her summer, sun dress, and smiles inside the fountain arena. She takes it all in with pleasure. Reaching over to touch the water on the ground she looks back up and smiles again.


Next to the little girl is a little boy who dashes into the fountain and gets wet by selecting one of the larger sets of fountain jets.  He wears a stylish olive, plaid madras shirt and tan shorts cropped at the knees.  "I got one, I got one," he shouts to his mom, once touched by the water, as he heads back to her sitting on a bench and talking on a cell phone. The boy is a bundle of energy as he heads into the fountain, turns a complete circle, kicks up a foot, and waves his arm to catch a droplet. There's a circular perimeter of cement benches parents and family can sit on to watch their kids.


newport beach kids vacation
Child #3 is a little older, taller and more mature.  He stands in the middle of the pop jet fountain with his black t-shirt, gray shorts to his knees, and dark hair, surveying the scene. Hands on his hips, then hand clasped behind his back, he selects his droplets to challenge. Waiting for the taller jet "pops", he saves his energy until the timing is right and takes one sizeable water "pop" on with the style of a boxer, punching left, right, left. 


The fourth child is a tiny tot toddler who's just learned to walk. You can tell by the way she strides, shaky knees, wobbly feet and large, exaggerated steps. Her white top and loose green skirt that nearly comes down to her tiny knees shake in motion with her as she steps into the center of the fountain, then stops. Getting a bit wet, she wanders out to the perimeter and does this funny thing that toddlers do, kind of bouncing from their knees down like a half-squat.


And though there are many more children, we love to watch the ballerina with his pink tutu. So oversized is this skirt that the size alone must surely make her feel special. Do you think she's going into the fountain to get wet? Heck, no!  She stands along the perimeter with safe distance from the jets and and watches all the fun. Pacing back and forth a few feet, she loves what's going on, but can't partake. She's dressed too pretty to risk ruining her special outfit.


Such are the simple pleasures of a beautiful fountain for kids to enjoy. While travel with kids or local outings can be as expensive and complicated as a day at Disneyland, smaller children do especially well with simple pleasures involving interaction. The beauty of Fashion Island's design allows children to interact at four separate areas--two fountains, a koi pond and a carousel. 





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