San Francisco Beach Bonfires - Bonfire Policy Ocean Beach

San Francisco Beach Bonfire Policies


 Ocean Beach Fire Policy for groups under 25 people

Note: Bonfire rules change from time to time. For the most current rules and regulations please visit this the National Park Ocean Beach page.

* No fires outside rings.
* No glass in the fires.
* No alcohol on the beach
* Burn only untreated, unpainted wood, to keep pollutants and poisons out of the air.
* Don’t burn pallets or any wood containing nails or other hardware - these sharp metal objects can be dangerous.
* Bring your own firewood - don’t use driftwood or other natural debris, as they serve as wildlife habitat. Gathering, cutting or scavenging of firewood or kindling is not permitted at the beach or in the park.
Locally grown firewood is best. * Burn Clean. Avoid using accelerants such as lighter fluid, as they leave pollution and poisons in the sand and the air. Paper and kindling are preferred.
* Don’t burn trash. Most trash gives off pollution and poisonous gases.
* Don’t try to put out a fire with sand. It only hides and insulates the fire, leaving it more dangerous. Instead, leave the fire to burn out, or put it out with water.
* Minors must be supervised by one person 21 or over for each 10 people under 18.
* Groups of more than 25 people must obtain a permit by calling (415) 561-4300.
* Overnight camping is prohibited.
* Observe all posted regulations.
* Please observe "Spare the Air days" and do not burn beach fires when air pollution is severe. When air pollution reaches unhealthy levels, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District notifies the public by declaring a "Spare the Air day." To find out if today is a "Spare the Air day," visit www.sparetheair. org or call 1-800-HELP-AIR.

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