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Huntington Beach Pier Sunset Picture|Sunsets California



Huntington Beach Pier sunset picture above is one of our favorite images of this Southern California destination.


Locals in Huntington Beach call the Huntington Beach Pier their icon to represent their beach city, and you can see why in the photo we took.

If you wander up and down the beach (south side) as the sun sets, you can play with the light, keeping it hidden behind Ruby's on the pier, or the pier pilings as the sun drops even lower. 

The colors vary from day to day so you cannot be sure what mother nature is going to serve you. Kind of like the chef at nearby Duke's Huntington Beach, the meal or sunset often takes on a twist, though it's usually a pleasant surprise.

As this golden time shown in our sunset pier image,  a surfer just happened by with his red board. And a little bird sat on the left, watching for his next morsel as the next wave washed something his way.

Stage right a dad and son wander, looking down at the beach. This is the time of day when you see some interesting light and shadow things on the sand. Little tiny bubbles from sea crabs, little shells, and waves all make the setting incredibly interesting. 


Where to stay to see awesome sunsets from your hotel:


There are three hotels that offer sunset views. From the south (direction this photo was taken from, you can select to properties owned by the same company, but under different brands. One is a Hilton (Waterfront Beach Resort) and the other is Hyatt (Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa).


They offer the sunset views of the pier with the sun setting behind it. 

Since it sits on the north side of the HB Pier, the sunset there will appear to drop behind Catalina Island or San Pedro.  Huntington Beach Hotels offer a variety of accommodations.




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