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Miramar Beach
images of California beach Miramar


Miramar Beach in Half Moon Bay is located near and beneath the property of the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay, a cliff side resort perched above the Pacific Ocean in California.


Miramar Beach in Half Moon Bay is characterized by narrow shelves of sand in many places, with the beaches practically disappearing during high tide. Beautiful, burnt, golden colors of the eroding earth characterize the beach setting in this coastal destination not far from the San Francisco Bay.


Half Moon Bay features several beaches, a public pier and some extremely popular surfing locations.  Like so many coastal projects, the public beach access was a must for building this huge hotel /resort project. And the result is a lovely beach that the public can access at no charge.


For those seeking to explore the San Mateo County coast that offers a variety of beaches and scenery, do take the time to stop at Miramar Beach. The are some tidepools to explore, sandy coves and oftentimes atop the hill you can see migrating whales passing through on their long thousands-of-miles journeys north and south each season.