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The Greeter - Laguna Beach Statue

greeter laguna beach
greeter statue laguna beach

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Greeter Statue in Laguna Beach commemorates the city's greeter, Eiler Larsen. The statue is located at the old Pottery Shack location near the corner of Brooks and Pacific Coast Highway.

There are two statues commemorating the Greeter, a bearded character named Eiler Larsen, who died in 1979. The more visible statue of the friendly ambassador to the beach is an oversized, happy piece of art located in front of the old Pottery Shack thatt's been converted into an arts and entertainment center with galleries, restaurants and other shops. Some of California fun statues, museums and attractions fall under the category of Crazy California, and we think this statue is a member of that club.

Eiler Larsen used to stand at the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Forest Avenue, waving to the cars passing by, or greeting folks as they strolled along the sidewalks of then, slower-paced Laguna Beach.  'Hello there,' he used to say. This thin Dane with a tall stature was clad in plaid shirts and blue coveralls. Looking a bit scruffy or out of place by today's standards, some even then thought him to be a kook or nutcase.

You never know how your gestures will be received, but the Greeter left fond memories.  Each city really needs a greater who's nice and doesn't scare people. Larsen was considered to be just that kind of guy. With shoulder-length hair and a gray beard, in another costume he may have passed for Santa Claus. As he aged, he began looking weathered and less animated.  Those who remember his deeds recall that he liked to be outdoors at the beach, and would do gardening for some residents of Laguna. The city council proclaimed Larsen the official Greeter and with that act, he'll long be remembered by a big statue that some have no idea what it's about. In fact, there aren't many left who remember the Greeter on a personal basis. But the moral is that an act of kindness can be remembered longer than name of most mayors of the city of Laguna Beach. If you leave something behind, make it something that leaves a smile for others to enjoy. The Greeter did just that.

Laguna Beach Greeter statues commemorating Eilar Larsen are located at: 

Greeters Corner Restaurant & Pottery Shack

329 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, California
1212 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, California