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Fishermans Restaurant & Bar on the San Clemente Pier is a pleasant surprise in more ways than one.
Fishermans  Restaurants, 611 Avenida Victoria (on San Clementer Pier) San Clemente, CA 92672 Call: (949) 498-6390


Where have I been all my lifee? I've lived no more than a 40 - 50 minute drive from San Clemente (as the beach stoplights go) and never once have I tried the food at Fishermans Restaurant on the San Clemente Municipal Pier.


First, let's count the number of outdoor restaurants on piers in Orange County, California. One.  OK, no big deal. How many piers are there. Five in OC.  One in five isn't too shabby, and thank goodness for the one that does have this restaurant outdoors. Showing up on a week day around lunch time, my friend and I got lucky, I am guessing. We sat right down at a table of our choice outside, complete with the umbrella for shade.


Studying the menu, I was a bit disappointed that my friend ordered the same thing I did. She seems to do that unless I suggest we try different items and split them.  It's hard finding people who will do that for my food reviews. So we both had the Cobb Salad.  Not much diversity, but at least I'd get her opinion about the same meal. Her favorite part about it was the dressing, though she also likes Ruby's Diner ranch dressing. I liked the fresh avocado, large section of bleu cheese, and healthy serving of egg, bacon and meats. The salad was great. That's the end of the food review, since that's all I had. What can I say? The lettuce was fresh, yes. Service was efficient, friendly. Price was affordable. Scenery a dream.


What's best about the Fishermans (in addition to the history and friendly vibe of locals), is the atmosphere... and food value. For under $10 I got a decent meal with a glass of tea,  and the most spectacular weather and scenery in the world.


Some brag about their white sand beach in Florida, while others like to rub it in that the islands have clear blue waters,  in addition. But we Southern Californians know that the weather we experience is the best in the world, no contest. I've been to Hawaii and found my SoCal weather much better. It's always nice to get home to it...and when you find these great restaurants to sit around, get waited on, and dine to the backdrop of the sea, now that's a big wow! Fishermans has two sections that split off two directions like a T on the San Clemente Pier. There's indoor dining and a classic wood-grained bar. Old black and white photos near the restrooms show the early years of the San Clemente Pier when everyone caught huge fish right off the pier.


Breakfast is served at 8 a.m. daily (Saturdays only Sept.- mid-June) and includes the classics, omelettes (over 10 types). Pancakes, waffles, and a brunch selection with salmon, or one of seven meal salads provide early diners some variety. 


When lunch kicks in, you can pick from over 12 types of fish! Salmon, red snapper, ono, swordfish, mahi mahi and others are served with chowder or green salad, fries or rices and sourdough bread loaf.  Prices for fish are around $11 - 22. Pasta, tacos, hamburgers, soup & salad, fish & chips, veggie platter, and sandwiches offer an incredible selection.


Prices rise on the dinner menu, that includes an added choice of baked potato. King Crab, New York Steak, Top Sirloin, Lamb Chops, Pork Chops, Prawns, Pasta and the Feast are some choices. What's the feast? It is family style dining for two or more people with choice of Clams, Crabs, Swordfish, Salmon or Halibut in large portions with the trimmings. Price is around $25 -35.


Beginning in September, Sunset dinners are served from 4 to 6 p.m. Monday - Friday. They feature a line-up of fish, chicken, steak or pasta served with salad or soup, potatoes or rice, vegetables and a scoop of ice cream. Cost is under $15.


Wine, beer and a full cocktail bar are highlights of this fantastic California experience. Grab a cocktail and watch the sunset.


Where to stay when you visit San Clemente? San Clemente Hotels range from budget to condo style accommodations. Several that have caught our attention include Sea Horse Resort with some ocean view studio units, Best Western Casablanca Inn and the really affordable Best Value Budget Lodge.  Most the time you'll find sufficient availability but there are several special events in the summer that tend to fill up the hotel space. When that happens, just look north to Dana Point. It is right down the road.


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