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Ferry Boat in Newport Beach Video of Ride

The Balboa Ferry runs all day long between Balboa peninsula and Balboa Island in Newport Beach


Newport Beach, Calif..―One of the most enjoyable experiences for tourists and locals is ride on the ferry boat between Balboa peninsula and Balboa Island. While it only takes five minutes to get from one spot to the next by car (not much longer than the boat ride itself), the ferry boat ride offers drivers a relaxing moment to chill out and even step away from the wheel if so desired. Ferry boat operations have been in existence for nearly 100 years in Newport Beach (since 1919). Read more about the ferry and see photos

Some remember when you could hop on by foot and get across the Newport Harbor for 10 cents. Now it costs $1 each way, plus an extra dollar or so for your car. There are usually several ferry boats running back and forth to lessen the wait for a ride. While taking a car across is one popular method of enjoying this experience, we recommend you "hoof it." Park your car on the peninsula side for ease of parking, then walk along Bay Front, once on the island. It's an easy stroll with lots to look at in the windows of homes along the bay. Teddy bears gaze out all the windows of one happy home, while amazing, life-size sculptures sit in the windows of another in what appears to be a gallery.

There's a public dock to break up your walk, beautiful benches surrounded by flower pots where you can sit and gaze at the boats bobbing and gliding by, and in a few minutes, you arrive on Marine Avenue, the heart of shopping and dining for Balboa Island. Once there, you can spend several hours trying on clothes, shoes, buying art, gifts, looking at books, dining and snacking on a famous Frozen Banana, Balboa Bar or an iced mocha at Starbucks.

Energized and ready to wear of some calories, you can casually stroll back to the ferry, or extend your walk over the bridge to Little Balboa. It will take you a few hours minimum to do it right (including shopping or a bite to eat.) But a trip on the Balboa ferry is a ride that offers exercise that you'll hardly notice, thanks to the lovely surroundings.



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