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Mad River Beach is a bonfire friendly beach operated under the Humboldt County Parks system.


Arcata's  Mad River Beach  offers opportunity for fires on the beach. Bonfires are permitted by may not be over 30 inches in diameter and extend over 100 feet seaward of vegetative dunes. The fires must also be 50 feet away from flammable objects. Also mindful of the protected and endangered species, the snow plover bird nests should not be touched, and you should build your fires at least 300 feet way from birds. It's OK to carry an armload of driftwood you may see and collect on the beach, making this a real treat for visitors from big cities where driftwood is barely found, much less permitted to be burned.


While the ocean temperatures can be chilly, ranging from 50 to 59 degrees throughout the year (see temps for Crescent City), and average air temperatures range from 41 to 63 degrees (see Eureka on chart), you'll be wise to bring a jacket most any time of year and any season. In addition to temperately cool climate, the average rainfall of around 40 inches makes rain a possibility nearly any time.

Directions: Located 5 miles north of Arcata, exit from Interstate Highway 101 west on Guintoli Lane and follow signs.  For more information, check out the county website,


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