Your Hotel Stay at Avalon on Catalina Island

 Elevation: 20'   Information:  310-510-1520 

Avalon, the city on Catalina Island, where cars aren't generally available to day guests and overnighters. Bring those suitcases on wheels or you'll be lugging the baggage (sometimes up hills). 

If you've never been, you may be surprised to see how foot-loose Catalina's Avalon is. Cars are generally not allowed for tourists to bring. There are taxis, golf carts and most hotels are within walking distance.

Catalina Island is a place where you pack it in, pack it out..  When you get on a boat, ride a helicopter or fly into the small airport, your suitcase need not be huge. You only need some light clothes and whatever you forgot, can be purchased on the island.

The weather is mild and includes nice days with average temperatures in the 70's in the summer, low 60's at night. Winter months of December through February can be slightly cooler with temperatures dropping 10 degrees both day and night.   Catalina Island and in most beach cities locals suggest you dress in layers. Put on something short sleeve or sleeveless and add a long sleeve shirt or jacket on top, plus another item if you like.  As the day warms up, then you can take off the top layers of clothing and be perfectly comfortable.